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Have you tried 'everything'?

You just don't know where to start? 

Need more specific programming for your goals?

Doing things on your own is hard. There's an excess amount of information out there on what you should do, but none of it is customized for YOU. With our expertise, we can do in-depth assessments to find what you're capable of and any potential limitations. Then we can start you on an individualized long-term plan to help you reach your goals with our support along the way. 

Not sure if you want to commit right away?

We understand. See what personal training is all about and try it out for a great deal.

Start with our
Personal Training
Introduction Package

For only $199.99, including:

1 Month of Programming through one of the Top fitness apps. (Reg. $125)

  • Personalized Workout program with instructions

  • Exercise Videos & Tips

  • Feedback on your workouts

  • Progress Tracking

  • A coach to ask any questions

2 hour-long sessions with your trainer (Reg $160)

These sessions will get you more connected with your trainer, help you get started and feel more confident in your program.

Gym Equipments



Personal Training

$85 / 1 hour session

$60 / 1/2 hour session



$340 for x1hr. weekly

$240 for 1/2 hr. weekly


+$25 for use of gym outside of Personal Training

Digital Training

Online Programming through

True Coach App:
$125 monthly

+$25 for use of gym facilities

Buddy Training

For 1 hr. Sessions

(Price is per person.)


2 People: $60


3 People: $40


4 People: $30

Digital & Personal Training

This will depend on how much a person is doing or if they are buddy training.
A client who is doing 1 hour per week and using the app to do their other workouts would pay:

$465 Monthly*
*Must be on auto payments.


You can save a total of $65 on this package.
(You'll get the gym for FREE & Save $25 on your digital programming).


Laine Ingalls

Laine Ingalls

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

EJ Rudiger
E.J. Rudiger
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • ISSA Certified Correctional Exercise Specialist

Sarah Barendregt
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

  • Nutrition Coach

ISSA logo

Heiho Dojo Personal trainers are certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. We are new to this profession but have been working with people through Martial arts for over ten years.

We have LOTS of experience meeting client needs and are ecstatic that we are able to expand that to meeting fitness goals, health goals and/or body composition goals through correctional exercise, weightlifting, conditioning, and nutrition.

Gym Tools


Why choosing the Personal Training Sessions

This is an invaluable part of training for both the newbie and the professional fitness practitioner. Both groups will benefit from a coach to guide, push, and direct them toward their goals. ​

  • Safe and Specific Programming 

A trainer will customize your program based on your strengths and weaknesses & do so safely if you are new to the modality being prescribed.

  • Immediate Feedback on movements 

A personal trainer will provide immediate feedback and correct mistakes in form as they see them as opposed to them getting back to you later as with online coaching. This ensures the safety of the client and better targets the intended muscle group. This is something that can be difficult to do on your own & one of the reasons personal trainers are so valuable. 

  • Accountability

A personal trainer can help keep you showing up when all you want to do is scroll through Instagram or hit the snooze button. Because 'no showing' your trainer is a little awkward. 

  • Motivation

Personal trainers have the unique ability to push you harder than you can push yourself. Personal Trainers have a good grasp on how hard a client should work to get results and they can give motivation/encouragement to push harder. 

  • Efficiency

A good personal trainer will help you identify your goals and then tailor your program to meet your needs. when you run into plateaus or let's face it, life, a trainer can make adjustments so that you can continue to make progress. 

  • You have support:

"Social connectedness is closely connected to mental & emotional health. When people feel connected they have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Feeling more connected also helps create more empathy between one another, and that leads to stronger relationships across our community." ~ Human Resources 

We care about your well-being and can provide a small piece of that human connection that can be beneficial for your mental health.

  • Expert advice:

Based on the information you give us we can provide objective insight on helpful tools, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. We can offer a different perspective on your problems and challenge your behaviors. This is invaluable as it can be used long after you've stopped working with us (if you choose to do so). 

  • Someone to count reps

(Cause let's be honest, that's the hardest part, isn't it? Lol)

Personal Training

Why choosing the Digital Training Sessions

Online Program though one of the top fitness apps that you can access right on your phone for ease!

Programming through one of the Top fitness apps. Which includes:

  • Personalized Workout program with instructions (to help you get results in a timely manner and take the guesswork out of the equation so you can focus on what's important.)

  • Motivation & Accountability 

  • Exercise Videos & Tips

  • Feedback on your workouts

  • Progress Tracking (Tracks your personal history for specific exercises, including weight, sets, and reps.)

  • A coach to ask any questions that concern you

  • Expert Advice on tools, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.

  • Results!

Digital Training

Why choosing the Digital & Personal Training Package

We LOVE this option because:

It gives the client more flexibility financially and still be able to hit their goals. While we do believe having multiple sessions per week with a trainer is going to be optimal, we realize that it's just not feasible for most people.

If you can't afford to do 3x sessions a week with a personal trainer, you can combine the in-person sessions and the digital programming and still progress efficiently. Your trainer could do 1x session a week with you and you can go to the gym on your own time to complete the other workouts. 

Digital & Pesonal Training


Do you offer deals if I'm booking more than 1x a week?

We don't offer a discount as of yet, but you are getting the use of the gym for only $25.00 (Regular $50.00) if you sign up for personal training OR Digital Programing & for FREE if you are doing personal training & digital training.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. You can bring a friend. They should have a signed waiver and costs covered before they train.

What's included in Personal Trainer Programming?


We will have your workouts programmed with your goals in mind.

Nutrition Advice (as needed)

Weigh-ins and/or measurements bi/weekly (You and your coach can decide what's best).

What's your cancellation policy?

We have a 24hr. cancellation policy for any booked Personal Trainer sessions. If you are signed up we would like a 30 days notice to cancel the contract/payments. No Fee.

How many times should I train per week?

1x per week if you're on a budget and can train solo another time during the week.

3x a week if you're looking to learn exercises faster (and potentially get more gains!!).

There are other factors at play here as well, you might feel like you need more frequent sessions if you're:

  • New to this and need someone there to help you navigate the new territory.

  • If you're looking for that motivation/accountability to build consistency.

  • You have an injury you need support working around and/or strengthening.

A personal trainer can be that professional to help you stay consistent and build confidence through these issues. 

How Soon Will I See Results?

You're probably going to FEEL results before you see them. Visual Results take time. People often tell us that they have better mood, digestion, sleep, and energy all from exercise within a few weeks!


That being said, it totally depends on your goals and where you are at in your journey. Someone who is new to lifting will see more lean mass gains than someone who's been training for 3+ years. But keep in mind, the more you are consistent with your exercise and nutrition the faster you'll see results. In the end, some things you just can't rush. So we recommend you enjoy the journey!

What if I just want to use the gym?

If you feel like you don't need help and just want to train on your own our gym memberships are $50/month and include two Martial Arts group classes as well.

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