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Who is Heiho Dojo, and how are we different?

Heiho Dojo is a full-time Martial Arts & fitness facility based in Grande Prairie Alberta that teaches Martial arts to people and families in a strong & safe atmosphere.  We believe that anyone can benefit from training regardless of age, injury or experience.

At what age do you start children?

Heiho Dojo starts kids as young as 3, but every child is unique and that can be too early for some little ones; the best thing to do is try it at no cost or contract.


What Martial Arts styles does Heiho Dojo teach?

We teach 3 Styles of Martial Arts: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Not sure what each style is? Click here for a better explanation.

When do classes start?

Both Adult and Youth Martial Arts programs run year round. The curriculums are structured so a person can join at anytime and still progress. There are no specific start dates, new students can start anytime.


Where is Heiho Dojo located?

10015 100th Ave. Grande Prairie. Right beside Cash Canada Pawn Shop, and across the street from Midwest Furniture on Main Street. Just come to the door and hit the buzzer on the right.

Why would I choose these styles of Martial Arts?

There are 4 ranges of combat, when choosing a Martial Arts style, try to pick one that teaches at least 2 zones, that is why most practitioners choose Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to cover all 4 zones and often meld them together by doing MMA.

Want to know more on zones of combat? Check on our YouTube channel.

What time are the classes?

Heiho Dojo has both early afternoon/evening classes and if those don't work we can book a private session at almost any time! Check out our schedule here:

Heiho Dojo Group Class Schedule.

What does it cost?

Heiho Dojo has many different program options:

Personal Training (Fitness)

- Martial Art Groups (Kids)

- Martial Art Groups (Adults)

- Martial Arts Private Lessons (Kids)

- Martial Arts Private Lessons (Adults)

- Gym

Some packages start at $50 per month, but we offer a FREE class or assessment to every new student. Not every student has the same schedule or needs, so we give a free trial class so we can introduce you to the sport/fitness and help you build a custom program that suits you or your families time and/or financial budgets. 


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