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Adult Classes


Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or stepping onto the mats for the first time, we take pride in offering exceptional value in martial arts training. At Heiho Dojo, we are a welcoming and family-centered establishment, ensuring that every member feels a sense of belonging on their journey to martial arts excellence.




Muay Thai

Muay Thai literally translates to The Science or Art of 8 Limbs. Meaning utilizing the feet, fists, knees and elbows to deliver punishing blows to an opponent. This is the "Big Brother" style to kickboxing, making it a perfect fit for students who wish to start their striking journey, or take their striking abilities to the next level. Muay Thai can offer a variety of exercise options to people living with chronic pain or physical injuries. Let the system work for you!



Jiu Jitsu

 Here it is, the end all be all of the grappling arts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is an extremely diverse style of Martial Arts focusing on ground fighting. Takedowns, positional dominance, submissions, and escapes are the foundation of this great style and materialized in class.

   It has been light heartedly said that Jiu-Jitsu (the Gentle Art) is the art of folding laundry with people still in their clothes.





Heiho Dojo teaches Tracy's Kenpo.  Kenpo is a style of Martial Arts that is used primarily for self-defence.  That being said, it is also a great way to get or stay in shape, as the practice of the art can be quite vigorous.  Kenpo is very precise, with it's training and testing and held to a very high standard.  When someone speaks about Martial Arts, Kenpo could be used as a definition as its both Martial and Art.  The Martial side is practical, using effective strikes regardless of the practitioners size or strength. And the Art side in honing clean footwork with correct balance when training Katas, Forms or Techniques.  If a student wishes to go in-depth about learning Self-Defence, this would be a great way to start!



Sparring classes are where you get to put your drilling and practice into practical use.  These classes are elective participation.  Athletes that choose to come to these classes will be pushed and honed in the sport combative styles of Martial Arts, specifically: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Muay Thai (Kickboxing), Boxing, Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing with takedowns) and sometimes traditional Karate Sparring as well. Get ready for a great workout and an even greater push!



Jiu Jitsu

A half hour of sweat just for you! Are you nervous to try martial arts, but still want to move and be healthy? Join us for some heart healthy exercise and fun.




Our Weight Room facility offers everything from free weights to cardio equipment. $40 per month and comes with 2 optional martial arts group classes.

Heiho Dojo's gym membership is a great way to get the workout you need, at a price that is very affordable.  Students can access the gym via an RFID card. Making your training convenient when it needs to be. 

Ask us about helping you get started on a program that actually works! 

Want to us our gym? Come by the Dojo and chat with us!