If there is one thing Heiho Dojo has learned about kids, it's that they are not little for very long.  That's why our goal is to give every child an opportunity to try Martial Arts at a young age, and maybe give them an avenue of positive expression as they grow. 

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   Heiho Dojo has several options of classes to place your child / children in. We work together with the parent(s) to successfully achieve a learning environment that is the most beneficial to your child / children. Some children respond best to One on One instruction, also called private lessons, while others seem to thrive in a group environment. There are even a few children that do both private and group classes!  Click below to contact us to book a FREE intro class!

What Style is the kids class?

   Our kids program consists of three distinct styles of Martial Arts: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. We do a 50/50 split of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the program. We believe in a blend of both traditional and sport Martial Arts with the purpose of creating a well-rounded student proficient in multiple Martial Arts styles starting at 3 years of age and older!  
   We take great pride in being a welcoming, family-centred establishment that is drug and gang free!
   Whether on the mats or behind the desk, we are dedicated in offering the best possible service, from answering your questions and hearing your feedback to offering your child or children the best value in Martial Arts training.
   Our Young Masters program utilizes a points system that encourages good behaviour outside as well as inside the dojo (School).  Here is how our point system works:
   If in one month, or 4 week training cycle, a student accumulates 32-49 points, he or she will have earned their next stripe or belt level.  Some students go above and beyond the regulated requirements and achieve 50+ points in a month. If this event occurs, the student will be rewarded with an extra stripe for their tremendous achievement!
 - Attendance (+2 pts.): Points are awarded for showing up. Why? Because regular and diligent               attendance ensures that a student has a solid knowledge of the material he or she is being tested on.
 - Having Equipment (+2pts.): Having the uniform (Gi), belt, and other equipment is NOT Mom &             Dad's responsibility. Students who demonstrate reliability and dependability in making sure that             they have all their equipment in class, will be given points.
 - Great Hygiene (+2pts.): Students are also given points when they attend class in a clean uniform         and have nails clipped so as to ensure no sharp edges that may lead to cuts or scrapes while               grappling.
 - Participation (+2pts.): Kids are awarded points when they demonstrate a willingness to engage            with other students, as well as an eagerness to learn new Martial Arts techniques.
 - Good Attitude (+2pts.): Just being here is not enough! Having a great attitude sets the standard on     high.
 - Helping Others (+2pts.): When a student takes their time to help others, we want to reward that             action.
 - Staying on Task (+2pts.): Distractions are tough, especially when you are a kid! Staying on task is a     virtue.
 - Team Work (+2pts.): Team work is a building block of a great leader: the ability to work with others       to accomplish something bigger is what we are working towards.
 - Working Hard (+2pts.): There is working, and then there is working hard! We want to reward that         positive trait.
 - Great Pre-Class Behaviour (+4pts.): When students are awaiting class, their pre-class behaviour         counts towards their grade. If it is great, they could receive the second highest point reward.
 - Great Technique (+4pts.): Just knowing a technique is not enough. Being able to put it into practice     and understand its uses is an excellent and coveted practice. 
 - Leadership (+4pts.): Cultivating a student's leadership skills is one of the highest achievements we       could hope for. Demonstrating good leadership qualities will not go unnoticed.
 - Persistence (+4pts.): Perfectionism is not a virtue, persistence is!  Being frustrated with yourself for       not doing well does not leave any grace room for one to learn, and therefor persistence is the habit       we want to foster.
 - Awesome out-of-class behaviour (+5pts.): Have an event or project that your child has                       participated or excelled in outside of the Dojo?  Please let us know! We want to let our students know     that they are being ranked not solely by technique, but also by becoming a person of character. 
 - Distracting the class (-2pts.): We are here to learn and have fun we shouldn’t take away from other     people’s time.
 - Forgetting Equipment (-2pts.): Everyone is responsible for their own gear. It’s not moms fault you       forgot your belt.
 - Not listening (-2pts.): Ears open, mouths closed, ready to listen.
 - Not participating (-2pts.): Not wanting to be a part of the team.
 - Not Present (-2pts.): You can't rank up if you're not here!
 - Poor attitude (-4pts.): Complaining and whining are not the tools to improve conflict with others, or       ourselves. 
 - Poor Pre-Class Behaviour (-4pts.): Waiting for class to start? Be on your best behaviour. 
 - Negatively Aggressive (-4pts.): We respect each other, and stand united against bullying together.
 - Poor out of class Behaviour (-5pts.): Warriors are known by their attitude, what example are you         setting?
How do you keep track of points? And what's the
best way to communicate to the instructors?
   Heiho Dojo utilized a third party app called "Class Dojo". Download the app here, and use it like Facebook Messenger to talk about: Points, Class Behaviour, Events or anything that you need to ask!

What is the Class Schedule?

The Young Masters Class Schedule is as follows:
Monday through Thursday:
Tots (3-5) 4:30-5:00pm 
Ages 5-9 5:00-6:00pm
Ages 9-13 6:00-7:00pm
Monday & Wednesday the curriculum is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Tuesday & Thursday the curriculum is Kickboxing
The reason the age groups are overlapping is because some kids are ready to move up and some are not. We make this decision with the parents based on a child's skill level, maturity etc.

   Each Child starts out as a White belt. At the end of each month students are graded on Technique, Performance, attitude, and attendance we do not hand out free promotions everyone is expected to show up with the willingness to learn and to of course to have fun so that every stripe and every promotion is earned. The white belt has 5 stripes (4 white and 1 red) and then after that your child will move on to 4 main belts with each colour having a higher middle and lower level. Grey, yellow, orange and green each have 12 stripes (4 white, 4 Red, and 4 Black) and then once your child/children turn 16 years old they can qualify/test for their blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Blue Sash in our Muay Thai program then start into the adult program.

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