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   Would you and your business like to sponsor a child for tuition and equipment in your own community? $15 per month, and we provide the advertising!

Ads for Kids campaign!

   Heiho Dojo in Grande Prairie is trying to make a difference in our community, andwith your help, we can!

Here is how it works:

  A business like yours purchases an advertising package for $15 monthly.

Not only does that money act as a write-off, but we make a little bit go a long way!

A child in our community gets sponsored tuition and equipment from Heiho Dojo and Wolf’s Den Martial Arts Supply, for as long as they wish to train!

Your business gets:

   ~ A link on our high-traffic website to your business or Facebook Page as a sponsor. 

   ~ A digital ad in our waiting room area viewed 1000s of times per week. 

   ~ Instagram shoutouts and hashtags in ads.

   ~ Twitter shoutouts.

   ~ Facebook shoutouts and links in ads. 

   ~ YouTube shoutouts

   ~ A FREE gym membership to our weight room and cardio equipment area!

   ~ A monthly Newsletter detailing what your sponsorship is doing in our community.

   Sponsorship is viewed very positively internally by our students, as they come to know the businesses intimately and translate those communications to leads and warm contacts.


   So for less than a stack of business cards (yearly), you can have a lasting impact on a child growing up in our community. 




Q: Why doesn’t Heiho Dojo just offer the classes to students without our help?

A: We do! But we do not have the capacity to equip and support all students that need help.


Q: Is Heiho Dojo a For Profit Organization? 

A: Yes, that’s why we cannot do certain fundraising opportunities that other organizations can. 


Q: How do I know what my money is doing?

A: Most people we encounter that cannot afford extras, like tuition or equipment, do not wish to be mentioned. So, that's why we would like to offer the monthly newsletter to keep people posted about ALL of our students. It's also why we are giving businesses more than $15 value in a monthly advertising program, so that every business can be promoted and help out a child in our community. 


Q: How do we start?

A: This is a monthly subscription of $15. Our agreement is for 12 months and can be renewed at the end of the term.


Q: Can I just pay the yearly subscription up front?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I be an exclusive Sponsor?

A: No, not for this type of sponsorship. As it is only $15 we are giving this deal to help kids and families in need. There are exclusive                 sponsorships available. If you or your business is interested, please contact us

Q: Can I donate more?

A: Yes. The $15 mentioned is not Heiho Dojo's cost per student; it is only a portion of the amount we need to to pay for a child's tuition and training. $15 is simply the minimum investment we're asking for. If you would like to contribute a greater amount, please consider the other options below. 

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