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Samurai Open

Register your child here for our Samurai Open Tournament.

July 8th, 2023 10 am

We are hosting an *in-house* tournament for the Heiho Dojo kids only.


Samurai Kids Tournament Details:


Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu (Ages 3-8)

Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu & No-Gi (9-13)


This tournament is Round Robin


  • Date: Saturday, July 8th

  • $20 Registration Fee (No extra fee if you child is doing Gi & No Gi)

  • Location: Heiho Dojo 10015 100th Ave

  • Event Start: 11 am*

  • Weigh-ins at 10:00 am (Cutoff at 10:45am if you are late you will be disqualified)







Registration will open on May 9th and close on July 1st


We will email a link to register your child online once it’s open, so watch for that.





The divisions will be decided based on the competitor's weight/rank/age. You will fill this out on the registration form. 


*Make sure to weigh your child with their full uniform (Gi & Belt) when they register for Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu.



Uniform Requirements (Gi BJJ):


  • All Competitors must have a full Gi and Belt (It’s smart to bring 2 uniforms just in case)

  • Mouth Guard

Uniform Requirements (No-Gi BJJ):

  • Long Sleeve Rash-guards

  • Shorts* or Leggings/spats OR both.

  • Mouth Guard


*(Shorts must reach mid thigh, no pockets, zippers, clasps etc.)

 **ALL Athletes with long hair should have it tied back with a hair tie

If your child does not have the proper equipment they will not be allowed to compete. 


How to Win? Placement Decisions (Brazilian Jiujitsu Gi & No-Gi):


Ages 4 and under:

No submissions are allowed. The winner is decided by time on top.

Ages 5+

Competitor Wins by submission (see below) or points:

  • Submission Win | 5 Points

  • Time on top*| 3 Points

  • Tie | 1 Point

  • Loss | 0 Points


*How to win by time on top. Judges will have a timer for each competitor, if competitor is on top in a pin position E.g. Full mount, knee on belly the time will start. Whoever has the longest time by the end of the round will get the 3 point win.


Kids 5+ Yrs. Submissions allowed

Legal Submissions:

  • RNC 

  • Armbars

  • Americana

  • Clock Choke

  • Kimura

  • Leg Triangle (No Head Pull)

  • Cross Choke

  • Bow & Arrow

  • X - Choke

  • Half Nelson Choke

  • Baseball Choke

  • Pirate Choke


Immediate DQs:


  • Knee Reap

  • Direct Throat Pressure

  • Slamming

  • Neck Crank

  • Strikes

Register here:

 Note: Minimum age for BJJ is 3yrs

Competing in:

Thanks for submitting!

Register (Tornament)
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