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Samurai Open

Register your child here for our Samurai Open Tournament.

December 16th, 2023

We are hosting an *in-house* tournament for the Heiho Dojo kids only.


Samurai Kids Tournament Details:


Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu (Ages 3-8)

Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu & No-Gi (9-13)


This tournament is Round Robin


  • Date: Saturday, July 8th

  • $0 Registration Fee (No extra fee if you child is doing Gi & No Gi)

  • Location: Heiho Dojo 10015 100th Ave

  • Event Start: TBA*







Registration is open now and will Close December 14, 2023.



The divisions will be decided based on the competitor's weight/rank/age. You will fill this out on the registration form. 


*Make sure to weigh your child with their full uniform (Gi & Belt) when they register for Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu.  If your childs' weight is out significantly from the registration form at weigh in, they may be disqualified.  Please don't guess your child's weight.



Uniform Requirements (Gi BJJ):


  • All Competitors must have a full Gi and Belt (It’s smart to bring 2 uniforms just in case)

  • Mouth Guard

Uniform Requirements (No-Gi BJJ):

  • Long Sleeve Rash-guards

  • Shorts* or Leggings/spats OR both.

  • Mouth Guard


*(Shorts must reach mid thigh, no pockets, zippers, clasps etc.)

 **ALL Athletes with long hair should have it tied back with a hair tie

If your child does not have the proper equipment they will not be allowed to compete. 


How to Win? Placement Decisions (Brazilian Jiujitsu Gi & No-Gi):


Ages 4 and under:

No submissions are allowed. The winner is decided by time on top.

Ages 5+

Competitor Wins by submission (see below) or time on top:

  • Submission Win | 5 Points

  • Time on top*| 3 Points

  • Loss | 0 Points


*How to win by time on top. Judges will have a timer for each competitor, if competitor is on top in a pin position E.g. Full mount, knee on belly the time will start. Whoever has the longest time by the end of the round will get the 3 point win. **If there is a tie for time the Ref will choose the winner** This will be based off off things like: Submission Attempts, successful takedowns & sweeps etc.


Point deduction:

Referee's have the right to award penalties through their discretion. After being given a verbal warning if the athlete continues to do the offence the Ref will give them a penalty. If enough penalties are amassed the athlete may be disqualified.

Examples of Penalties:

  • Stalling (Not engaging or actively trying to advance position or get submission)

  • Illegal Grips Inserting fingers inside the sleeve of the trouser pants to control opponent.

  • Intentionally trying to leave the area while trying to escape from a move


Kids 5+ Yrs. Submissions allowed

Legal Submissions:

  • RNC 

  • Armbars

  • Americana

  • Clock Choke

  • Kimura

  • Leg Triangle (No Head Pull)

  • Cross Choke

  • Bow & Arrow

  • X - Choke

  • Half Nelson Choke

  • Baseball Choke

  • Pirate Choke


Immediate Disqualifications:


  • Knee Reap

  • Direct Throat Pressure

  • Slamming

  • Neck Crank

  • Strikes

  • Disrespect to opponent

Register here:

 Note: Minimum age for BJJ is 3yrs

Competing in:

Thanks for submitting!

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