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Classes start up September 3rd, 2019

Heiho Dojo's Homeschool Program has classes for kids ranging from ages 3-14.


 Whether you're looking to connect with other homeschooling families or considering a new sport for your kids, this is the place to be!

What Style is the kids class?

What Style is the kids class?

The Homeschool Classes are strictly Brazilian jiu-jitsu. A martial art that is known to help with confidence, self-defence, and teamwork.

What is the Homeschool Class Schedule?

Class times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

  • Ages 3-5 (Tots) 1:30-2:00pm

  • Ages 5-9 2:00-3:00pm

  • Ages 10-14 2:00-3:00pm

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