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Brazilian jiu-jitsu


Classes start up September 5th, 2023 - January 30th 2024 & February 6th - June 25th

You can join anytime and we'll pro-rate the month for you! Contact us: HERE

What ages?

Heiho Dojo's Homeschool Program has classes for kids ranging from ages 5-13.

Separated into two groups, 5-9 & 9-13. 

What Style is the kids class?

The Homeschool Classes consist of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. A martial art that is known to help with tenacity, self-defence, and teamwork. 

How do the Kids get new belts?

The Homeschool Class will be ranked the similar to the IBJJF Belt system with our own requirements as well. For more info click here: IBJJF Belt System

What is the Homeschool Class Schedule?

We will be running the homeschool classes in two 5-month 'sessions' 

  • 1st session will be September 5th -January 30th

  • 2nd session February 6th - June 25th


Classes will be x1 a week on Tuesdays:

  • Ages 5-9 1:30-2:30 pm

  • Ages 9-13 1:30-2:30 pm

When does the program start?

While you are welcome to join anytime in the 5-month sessions
(September 6th - January 31st & February 1st - June 30th)
Keep in mind your child may have a more difficult time keeping up if they join part way through the curriculum. However, we will always do our best to help them understand what we are drilling/sparring.

Whether you're looking to connect with other homeschooling families or considering a new sport for your kids, this is the place to be!
Contact us about current deals and to book a FREE trial class!
If you have questions or feedback please get in touch, we want to hear from you.

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