Q: Who is Heiho Dojo, and how are we different?

A: Heiho Dojo is a full time Martial Arts facility.  We believe that             anyone can benefit from training regardless of age or                         experience.

Q: What style of Martial Arts does Heiho Dojo teach?

A: Heiho Dojo teaches three styles of Martial Arts:

     1) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

     2) Muay Thai Kickboxing

     3) Tracy's Kenpo Karate

Q: What age do we start student at?

A:  We start kids at 3 years old, and go up from there.  Our oldest          student that has worked with us is 74 years old!

Q: When do classes start?

A:  Heiho Dojo offers a year round program so there are no start /          end dates.  Start today!

Q: Where are you located?

A:  10015 100th Ave Grande Prairie Alberta T8V-0V2

      Right beside Cash Canada Pawn Shop and

      across the street from Midwest Furniture on main.

      There is parking on main street, or public parking in the back by        Better than Freds.  When you show up, just hit the buzzer on              the door and we will let you in.

Q: What are some of the benefits of training in Martial Arts?

A:  Don't take our word for it, do some research and see.  Here is            an article to get you started:


Q: How would I start?

A:  Book a free one on one lesson with one of our fantastic                      instructors and come try us out!

         We also think it is important for any young student to have a           one on one lesson first, so that when they come to a group               class, they already know one of the instructors, and are more             comfortable with the environment.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:  Everyone is different, so Heiho Dojo doesn't try to put it's                  students into a "cookie cutter" package.  It is our job to help            people get into a package that fits bots their time . and                    financial budgets.  That being said, most students choose a              package that is around $120.

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